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editorial stiliaus fotosesijos gamtoje idejos. geriausi editorial fotografai lietuvoje. idejines fotosesijos ir modeliai


Here are some of the questions that I receive on a frequent basis. Go through and let me know if you still have some unclarity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you travel abroad for a shoot?

Yes. Keep in mind that the travel cost should be covered by the client. 


How long does it take to get the edited pictures back after a shoot?

Edited pictures are delivered within 2 weeks! Might vary if it’s a tailored package. 


If I want a session in a studio, is studio rent included in your package?

The price of rent is not included in the package and should be covered by the client. 


Is it the client or the photographer who thinks of a photoshoot idea, outfits & locations?

Team work makes the dream work! I always ask if you have any ideas, preferred locations, inspirational pictures you absolutely love. If you are unsure, we figure it out together! 

When it comes to outfits - I always advise what you should wear, what colours to avoid, what style to pick depending on the shoot mood board.


Do you help with posing during a shoot?

I will always guide you on posing, especially if you are not comfortable doing it on your own. I'm 100% sure that posing is a huge part of a photographer's job. The overall result of a good picture highly depends on the pose, body language, facial expressions. For this reason a photographer must be guiding you, not only to make you feel more confident but also, to express his/her style! 

My guidelines are full of words, gestures, scenarios, descriptions, etc. While your ideas are welcome, I'll give my 100% effort to guide you to match the moodboards, shoot ideas, & goals. I'll even pose, dance, laugh together with you, to make it easier for you. As long as we get what we want!' We will try different poses, so that we have a variety of results to choose from.


What to do if I'm camera shy? 

I´ll take it as a challenge and will prove you otherwise!

No worries, I'll make sure you feel comfortable and confident! I'll do the small talk to get to know you, I'll make you laugh, I'll tell you stories to set the mood for the shoot, I'll tell you the basics of posing, I'll pose together with you if you struggle, and we will be working until we get THAT shot that makes both sides happy.

Still having questions/doubts? I'll happily discuss it with you!

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