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Here you will find my photography services for individual sessions.

​I'll be happy to discuss your personal case if these packages do not match your needs and/or expectations. 

Individual Sessions
A portrait of a long-hair blond girl in white dress dancing under Pont de Brisbe bridge in



- Consultation, tips, preparation


- Gain modeling experience

- Perfect for business portraits, brand looks, or newbies who haven't had a photo shoot and just want to update their social media albums


- You will get 10 edited photos*

A portrait of a white dressed girl long curly hair posing during the golden hour in the su



- Consultation, tips, preparation


- We will work with several ideas, images and style changes

- Ideal for those wanting to experiment with one's style, posing & overall image. A fantastic way to elevate your update the album of lifelong memories

- You will get 20 edited photos*

An editorial picture of a girl in white dress expressing her wounds in a mirror by the roc



- Consultation, tips, preparation


- Gain professional modeling experience for future memories. We will work on different ideas and looks, in different places

- Perfect for content creation, editorials - ideation, marketing, couples, families and friends.

- You will get 30 edited photos*

* You choose the pictures that will be edited & retouched! In case you cannot fit in the agreed selection, extra photos will be available for additional price

* Photo delivery is within 21 days. Photo delivery within 3 days is possible for 75€

* Wish to elevate the experience even more? Let's create a short video! A video from the session is 45€. 


Which package are you interested in? 

Will be back with you shortly!

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